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Black Sails TV Series

We were involved with the Laser Scanning (LIDAR) and Surface Modeling of various ships for this popular TV Series that is produced in South Africa. Our director (Pieter Louw) was personally responsible for creating the surface meshes of the Walrus (Season 1), the Spanish Man O' War (Season 2), the British Man O' War and the Sloop (Season 3).

LIDAR Scan of Spanish Man O' War (Black Sails)            LIDAR Scan of Sloop (Black Sails)            Polygonal Mesh of Sloop (Black Sails)

Precise geometry is very important for Match Moving / Camera Tracking and combining Precise Engineering Survey with 3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR) provides very good results for this application. The physical models of the ships are very authentic and over the course of three seasons our general knowledge of 18th century shipping has increased dramatically.

We have been developing workflows for producing detailed, yet efficient surface meshes from LIDAR data using a combination of custom software that we develop in-house, various CAD Packages and good quality Decimation Algorithms. During every project we learn something new and this constant evolution improves our ability to produce better deliverables.

LIDAR Scan of Helm (Black Sails)        Spanish Man O' War (Black Sails)

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