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Clan of the Cave Bear (TV Series)

A set construction company required LIDAR Scanning of a Set Location in a forest where they are planning to build the cave structure for a new TV Series, produced locally in South Africa.

They needed a detailed Terrain Model where the full scale cave will be built. It was important to get enough detail to distinguish between soil, prominent rocks / boulders and trees in order to design a structure to seamlessly interface with the natural features of the setting. We also scanned a mock-up structure and a scale model of the cave to provide guide geometry for the design of the full scale structure.

LIDAR Scan of Natrual Terrain   LIDAR Scan of Natrual Terrain  

They are constructing the cave entrance two times, one on the actual set in the forest and an exact replica in the studios. They've also constructed an entire cave tunnel network where the series will be shot. Unfortunately we cannot disclose more information since the series hasn't been broadcast yet and we don't want to spoil it for the viewers.

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